- For on the Job Training- Covers Students, Institute and Employers


- For on the Job Training- Covers Students, Institute and Employers

ONJO (On Job Training) is method which helps an applicant to develop and improve his/ her skills .

In ONJO the applicant gets an opportunity to improve his/her skills and develop new qualities which will help him/her in their job. In ONJO the applicant not only gets to skill himself , but also gets an opportunity to get trained by experts in their field.

In ONJO we make sure that applicants are satisfied by the training provided to them.

ONJO has also provided an  important role to the applicants/students that is they can also provide reviews, feedback about the clients by whom they are getting trained.

ONJO provides all those necessities which a applicant or a student would require to develop his, her skills .We provide with all the required knowledge which a applicant/ student would require to get trained in a particular field.

With the help of this application we can maintain and save all data in a computerized , systematic method.

These information is viewed by higher authorities to get the information of student or client. The system Is defined in such way that no one can cheat the higher level authorities as the information is directly sent to them if something inappropriate happens then they will easily get to know.

  • Function & Features

    1. Attendance Management System.
    2. Leaves Management System.
    3. Automated functions (Attendance).
    4. Stipend on Time.
    5. Multi-Language Support ( Hindi , English ).
    6. Connected Co-ordinated ( Keep Updated ).
    7. Notifications.
    8. Feedbacks , Raise Grievances.
    9. Verifications ( Approvals ).
    10. Point Of Contact.
    11. Location Tracking System
    12. Digitally Generated Invoices
    13. Online Payment
    14. Wallet System
    15. Options to Pay via Cash
    16. Placements , Vacancies.