The life of men is associated with daily stress – conflicts of interest at work, maintaining physical strength in training, taking care of the house. The danger of erectile dysfunction increases even at a young age.

Vitamins for potency will provide a man with the necessary substances and restore his own defenses. Vitamin complexes that take into account the characteristics of the male body will help to maintain health and self-confidence.


The relationship between potency and vitamins

The body depends on substances from outside. Only in a complex, balanced diet will the amount of vitamins meet the needs. However, the modern diet will not provide the required amount. For this, it is additionally necessary to take synthetically created drugs for potency.

Substances that directly affect sexual activity have been identified:

  1. . Strengthens regeneration, is used as a prophylaxis of diseases Stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, increases active sperm.
  2. Folic acid. Improves the quality of semen. When planning a pregnancy, this is important, as the percentage of possible anomalies is reduced. Folic acid is also included in women’s vittocomplexes, which are prescribed during preparation for conception and throughout the entire period of gestation.
  3. Vitamin C. It belongs to the group of immunostimulants, affects the protective properties.
  4. Vitamin D. Normalizes the formation of sex hormones – androgens. It helps to restore attraction, but not at the physical level by increasing the blood supply to the genitals, but at the emotional level. If the wife notices that the husband has lost interest in her, then the reason can be looked for in hypovitaminosis.
  5. Vitamin E (also called tocopherol). Strong antioxidant, removes free radicals that accelerate aging. Improves libido. Men deny the desire to be attractive, but baldness and poor skin significantly reduce their confidence. Tocopherol will correct this problem.
  6. Vitamin A (retinol). Under the influence of retinol, an active synthesis of androgens occurs.
  7. . Corrects the immune system, is part of biologically active compounds, activates the sex glands.

It would arimidex buy in uk online and desire is the male online be a mistake to think that only a man should accept them. They are included in complexes for women, but in their body they perform completely different tasks.

The term showing vitamin deficiency is hypovitaminosis. Avitaminosis is a complete absence, which is not entirely correct for this condition.

What problems can arise due to vitamin deficiency

With hypovitaminosis, functional disorders occur.

  1. The work of the heart and blood vessels deteriorates, which leads to a decrease in the amount of blood supplied to the internal genital organs.
  2. The volume of hormones produced is reduced, the speed of sperm movement decreases, and sexual desire fades.
  3. The attractiveness of nicotine and alcohol increases compensatory, so they create a feeling of satisfaction. A vicious circle arises, because bad habits inhibit the absorption of vitamins and microelements.
  4. A man’s confidence falls, weakness and fatigue increase. He is unable to resist disease. The psycho-emotional background decreases, instantly provoking bouts of depression. The erection becomes unstable.


The best products for male potency

To prevent hypovitaminosis, food should be as balanced as possible. Some foods are good natural sources of nutrients.

Purpose Natural sources
Vitamin A
  •  cellular revival;
  •  slowing down natural aging;
  •  synthesis of androgens.
  •  liver;
  •  chicken yolk;
  •  butter;
  •  sour cream, cheese;
  •  spinach;
  •  spices – paprika, red ground pepper;
  •  grape leaves;
  •  vegetables – carrots, pumpkin, zucchini;
  •  apricots.
Vitamin B1
  •  returns energy to the body;
  •  improves mood, reduces the feeling of fatigue;
  •  increased conduction of nerve impulses;
  •  participation in the production of a hormone responsible for feelings of joy and happiness – serotonin.
  •  peanut;
  •  buckwheat, oatmeal, peas, beans, rice, barley;
  •  sprouted wheat;
  •  bran;
  •  hazelnuts, seeds;
  •  potatoes;
  •  black bread;
  •  eggs;
  •  cottage cheese.
Vitamin B3
  •  improvement of microcirculation;
  •  raising the level of necessary blood supply;
  •  yeast, cereals, bran;
  •  bird;
  •  salmon, cod;
  •  veal, lamb, beef;
  • almonds, peanuts;
  •  peaches.
Vitamin B6
  •  stimulation of the movement of impulses along the nerve fibers;
  •  regulation of subjective sensations during orgasm;
  •  reducing the increased feeling of fatigue.
  •  pine and walnuts, hazelnuts;
  •  beans;
  •  sea ​​fish;
  •  a hen;
  •  garlic, sweet bell pepper;
  •  sea ​​buckthorn, pomegranate.

blood supply

Vitamin B9
  •  the formation of serotonin;
  •  the formation of a feeling of happiness;
  •  responsible for sex drive.
  •  chicken and veal liver;
  •  yeast;
  •  orange juice (only natural freshly squeezed);
  •  spinach, different varieties of cabbage;
  •  soy;
  •  seeds.
Vitamin C
  •  providing energy and resilience;
  •  stabilization of erection;
  •  creating a subjective feeling of joy and pleasure through the formation of serotonin and endorphin;
  •  general rejuvenation.
  •  rosehip;
  • sea ​​buckthorn, black currant, gooseberry, quince, raspberry;
  •  citrus fruits, papaya, pineapple;
  •  Brussels sprouts, radishes, potatoes;
  •  liver (chicken, beef).
Vitamin D
  •  testosterone formation;
  •  increased blood supply;
  •  activation of muscle activity.
  •  liver;
  •  egg yolk;
  •  butter;
  •  fermented milk products and milk derivatives;
  •  mushrooms.
Vitamin E
  •  vegetable and butter (in moderation);
  •  peanut;
  •  buckwheat, wheat, soy, oatmeal;
  •  whole wheat bread;
  •  legumes;
  •  rosehip;
  •  eggs.

To replenish the reserve, you need to consume a lot of them, which is not always available. The method of preparation is also important. Any heat treatment reduces the amount of vitamins.

Pharmaceutical companies offer vitokompleks, the composition of which is developed to milligrams. Preparations are created so that 1 tablet contains a daily dose of all vital substances.

How not to get lost in the variety of pharmacy vitamins?

On the shelves in pharmacies there are a huge number of different vitamin complexes. Some vitamins to increase potency are well-known, expensive with a high consumer rating, others are unfamiliar and cheap. Which one to buy to have an effect and not have a side reaction?


Aevit is a simple two-component complex consisting of vitamins of groups A (retinol) and E (tocopherol), combined into a single capsule. These vitamins for men affect all human systems and organs, in terms of potency, these are the following effects:

  • normalizes reproductive function;
  • creates an effective barrier against infectious diseases;
  • helps in getting out of stress.

A course appointment is required for a month or one and a half with a possible repetition after agreement with the doctor.

Alphabet for men

The peculiarity of this series of vitamins is the breakdown of all components into 3 tablets:

  • The first and second are taken in the daytime (breakfast and lunch);
  • the third – in the evening.

This separation concentrates the activity-enhancing substances in the daily capsules.

List of positive effects from course admission:

  • high level of efficiency;
  • correct functioning of the genitourinary system;
  • stable blood supply;
  • no failures in the nervous system;
  • protection against infections.

“Alphabet” is good for men to take in the autumn-spring period for the prevention of respiratory diseases, as a recovery after illness, when planning pregnancy.


In the composition of vitamins for men: minerals, trace elements, plant inclusions. A unique, effective combination is achieved that meets the needs of an active man.

Taking Wellman vitamins for male strength and potency provides a gentle way out of stressful conditions, counteracts the negative influence of the environment. Normalization of lipid metabolism (prevention of atherosclerosis) improves vascular permeability, blood and oxygen supply to internal organs.

Wellman is a good immunomodulator, so it is prescribed tumor after radiation and chemotherapy for processes.


It belongs to the group of multivitamins, the composition includes – vitamins A, E, D3, C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, folic and nicotinic (nicotinamide) acid. The main benefit of the complex is to activate the immune system.

Dysfunction can occur with insufficient synthesis of hormones, and against the background buy a course of steroids for mass from the online of inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles. As a result, the body successfully fights against external influences.


Form of release of Supradin:

  • effervescent soluble tablets;
  • capsules.

The manufacturer claims that the formula of this complex is much stronger than the rest. It is recommended to take these vitamins for men during periods of especially strong psycho-emotional and physical stress.

Duovit for men

“Duovit” helps active people – hard work, training in the gym. The greatest number of complaints about a weak erection are presented by successful men. Climbing the career ladder is accompanied by great physical and emotional stress.

“Duovit” solves the following problems:

  • normalizes sleep: good rest is a guarantee of health;
  • restores working capacity;
  • stabilizes erection.

Sexual desire reappears, turning into excitement.

Yohimbe forte

Herbal dietary supplement consisting of bark extract, ginseng, zinc. The main active ingredient is yohimbine, which has pronounced tonic properties, and causes increased causes of prostatitis in people aged 30 years bodybuilding blood flow to the genitals. After taking, there is excitement.

To exclude an exacerbation of chronic diseases (especially those associated with the cardiac, vascular, nervous system), consult your doctor first.

Complivit selenium

It belongs to the group of dietary supplements, which include vitamins for potency and minerals. One tablet “Complivit Selenium” extinguishes the daily need for the microelement selenium.

It has immunostimulating properties, therefore, it is prescribed in the off-season as a prevention of respiratory diseases.

Selenium in the male body is one of the main elements. With a lack of it, the volume of semen decreases, the speed of movement of spermatozoa decreases, the level of testosterone decreases.

Therefore, male vitamins “Complivit Selenium” for potency are the necessary vitamins for long-term preservation of fertility.

Likoprofit Potential 1400

The composition includes minerals – selenium, zinc, chromium, lycopene, vitamins E, C, D.

The therapeutic multivitamin complex “Likoprofit Potential” is recommended for use by men suffering from:

  • diseases of the prostate gland – benign hyperplasia;
  • concomitant sexual dysfunction – weak, early ejaculation.

The instructions for Likoprofit indicate that it is also prescribed for the prevention of chronic pathologies of the reproductive system.

Forte potential

Vitamins “Potential Forte” to improve potency is a balanced complex adapted for men, whose health began to fail against the background of high physical and psycho-emotional stress. Doctors recommend drinking Potential Forte vitamins for the following problems:

  • erectile weakness, manifested in the absence of a stable erection during intercourse;
  • impotence, which is based on prolonged stress;
  • general exhaustion in the form of fatigue, fatigue.

A significant difference from most similar drugs – in the composition not only vitamins to increase potency in men, minerals, but also natural components (extracts, extracts, infusions of medicinal plants).


The main active ingredient is L-carnitine, additional elements are vitamin E, zinc. Spematon improves male fertility by:

  • increase in the number and activity of sperm;
  • synthesis of testosterone.

A drug for the treatment of infertility, it is prescribed after tests, in particular spermograms.


It belongs to the group of dietary supplements, but doctors recommend it for the treatment of infertility in men. Natural composition: carnitine, arginine, taurine, citric acid, nettle extract.

The indicator of the effectiveness of admission is an increase in the number of sperm, their speed indicators. Additionally, it helps to increase the general tone, improve well-being.


Multivitamin complex, the composition of which satisfies the daily requirement for all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

blood supply

  • Increases the protective properties of the body;
  • creates an effective barrier against external negative influences, which manifests itself as an obstacle to early aging.

The course reception “Centrum” improves the psychological state by normalizing sleep, eliminates irritable, nervousness. The manifestations of erectile dysfunction are reduced.


Belongs to the category of multicomponent sports dietary supplements. Vitamins “Opti-Men” are used mainly by athletes to increase activity, efficiency, additional energy.

If you look at the composition, you will see the reason for taking it as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. These are selenium, zinc, folic acid.

The official website of Iherb presents a catalog of biological supplements with an indication of the price.

Can there be side effects?

An adverse reaction to potency remedies can occur, there are many reasons:

  1. Individual intolerance. A person cannot say with absolute certainty what substances he has an allergic reaction to. Most vitamins for men are multivitamins, so there is a high likelihood of intolerance to a particular element. If a rash, redness legal testogel steroid for sale and painstaking work on, shortness of breath occurs, it is necessary to stop taking medications and seek help from a specialist.
  2. High dosage. The tablet is created so that the concentration of substances tends to the level of the daily requirement. However, these values ​​are statistically aggregated without regard to individual characteristics.
  3. Unspecified reason. A separate group of reasons for which the body does not take the drug. At the same time, the doctor does not find any objective grounds during the appointment. It is necessary to find an alternative option.
  4. Relapse of chronic diseases. Most often, with hypertension, there is a sharp increase in pressure if the complex contains tonic components.

Vitamins for men are also drugs that have a number of features and undesirable effects. Therefore, self-administration is dangerous with serious consequences.

Reviews of vitamin complexes for men: personal experience

Alexander, 55 years old, Perm

My wife and I had an active sex life up to a certain point. Pain during urination, cramps, heaviness at the level of the bladder led me to the urologist. There I learned that I have acute prostatitis. He started treatment, everything went away.

But sex almost disappeared because the erection became very weak and unstable, which made me very upset. Self-confidence was gone. The doctor recommended to drink the Velmen course. I noticed the result already in the middle of the reception, sex again returned to our lives, the erection became long-lasting, stable.

Mikhail, 45 years old, Volgograd

I didn’t think that at 45 I could not satisfy my beloved woman. There were no physical problems with the prostate, I even went to see a doctor. Then he suggested that overwork and constant stress could be the source. As a treatment, I advised vitamins for men “Effex”. At first I didn’t really believe in the positive reviews that I read on the Internet, but I decided to give it a try. The effect is simply fantastic, I only had such a riser during my tempestuous youth. The wife was satisfied. And most importantly – no consequences and no addiction.

blood supply


The life of a man is fraught with constant stress and high loads. Vitamin supplements have a beneficial effect on health, improve well-being, and increase self-confidence.

Write in the comments what vitamin complexes you are taking, how effective they are, if you can recommend them to our readers.