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So , on any next Postback , About said checking always yields true, Same functionality of Showing download popup box executes. Now , I cleared that hidden field on each Postback in javascript , other than above said Click. For Example , if i click on ChangeName of File button after any file Download, it will still Show me that Previously opened Download Dialog box. On my page , I showed fileNames in hyperlink or linkbutton.

Now whenever User clicks on them , that file Downloads. My app allows users to attach documents and images to various things they’re working with. The attachments are displayed in a listbox, user chooses one, and clicks View which runs javascript to pop up my AttachmentViewer.aspx page. Still having problems getting Response.TransmitFile() to work in our production webfarm.

There’s no way that I know of to manage this because the download process on hte client because of security issues. I am trying to write a page that enables user to download a dynamically generated word document. The doc is generated based on a template word document, so i have certain format settings (ex – bolds and italics) and images in this word document that i don’t wanna loose.

The image directory is a IIS virtual directory on the NAS server. But the button on this webform that performs the TransmitFile() still causes a the message "Server Application Unavailable". But it only works on my Dev PC. In my production environment, Win2k running network load balancing with 2 web servers, this does not work.

If a handler creates the image the handler needs to take the TransmitFileAction and add the headers as needed. If you link such an image from your page you can force it to download by maybe passing query string parameters to it that trigger the alternate return result. What if the image I want the user to download is an image dynamically generated by an HttpHandler and available only through it’s Url?

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IE caches content type information and so if you have pages that return different content types for the same page don’t work right because IE misinterprets the content type of the actual data. I’m calling a fileviewerBL which calls the fileviewerDL to get the file info. UpdatePanel does not support file uploads due to the multi-part file encoding etc.

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  • Instead, they will only see the VPN server’s IP address.
  • A VPN encrypts all the data coming vpn for windows and going from your machine.
  • With a VPN connection you gain complete privacy, which means that you are free to use websites without fear of repercussions.
  • As a result, anybody attempting to track the people who are downloading from torent websites will not actually be able to get your IP address.

I Don’t know how to set encoding in Response.AddHeader while showing fileName. I would like to raise the open save dialog box when a link is clicked but I don’t know how the "transmitFile" code is being used. Anyways, Now Since, after Each download popup , I Used Response.End();.

Furthermore, the image is unique to each user’s context (i.e. I don’t think WebRequest.Create() will work to grab a response). @Jeff – I’d guess the problem is that you’re writing a file out to disk and probably don’t have permissions to do that. There’s no reason for you to write to file first anyway. Just use Response.Write() or Response.BinaryWrite() to output your file content and it’ll probably work.

On click of a button, call a javascript function to loop say 5 times and call the button_click serverside event. No – the download is controlled by the browser since you are just returning an HTTP response.

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